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The Series 65 Exam License Book is a 530 page book which was developed by Empire Stockbroker Training Institute. Because we understand your frustration, our Series 65 Manual is written in plain English with shorter paragraphs and is focused on the NASAA Series 65 Exam content with no unnecessary fluff. Key features:

. Updated for 2019
. Comprehensive – The Series 65 Course Textbook is complete and easy to understand
. Diagrams – These not only help make studying more enjoyable they also help you visualize difficult concepts
. Notes and Tips – Key points mixed throughout the chapters to emphasize important ideas
. Chapter Exams – Multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter with detailed explanations
. Final Exams – Four 130-question Series 65 practice exams with detailed explanations
. Glossary – Each book includes a glossary of Series 65 Exam terms

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