Taxes on Municipal Bonds

For those unfamiliar, stocks (equity securities) represent ownership of the issuing corporation. Bonds however represent loans to the issuer. Since municipalities (local governments) can’t be purchased, they typically issue bonds (municipal bonds) to raise money for various reasons. Most Municipal bonds have lower yields than most other bonds. The nominal yield takes into consideration the … More Taxes on Municipal Bonds

What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Dollar cost averaging, which is also known as a constant dollar plan works out pretty well for most investors. Basically, dollar cost averaging is investing the same dollar amount periodically (usually monthly) into the same investment (typically mutual funds). So, an investor might decide to invest $1,000 per month into Easy Peasy Wildly Erratic Aggressive … More What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

My thoughts on the SIE Exam

I have long thought that candidates should be able to take their licensing exams prior to being sponsored by a firm. Fortunately, as of October, 2018, candidates can take the SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) Exam on their own before even going to look for a job. Although you still need sponsorship to take the top-off … More My thoughts on the SIE Exam

What the future holds

While nobody knows for certain what will happen with the stock market over the long term, near-term projections by most analysts are pretty positive. If you’ve stayed out of the stock market for the last decade or so, you’ve missed out on some significant gains. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to decide when to jump in. … More What the future holds